Building with Cane – Arundo Donax

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It’s not bamboo but looks like it.

It’s great stuff for cheap building – plane old cane embedded in mud, it can last up to 60 years.

Lots of folk around here (Guatemala) use it for cheap fencing but it rots fast, breeds woodworm and can look grim fast.

Much better in a bajareque earthen wall. For maximum hardiness, harvest only mature stalks on the full moon.

It’s not all good though – it grows so fast, burns when dry and the roots are fire resistant so it’s often responsible for spreading big fires and also forĀ  spreading like the wildfire resistant weed it is.

Arundo donax – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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  1. For people in arid or semi-arid climate, arundo donax is the only major cane-like plant that will grow quickly. Bamboo won’t grow as fast or effectively.

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