Going Live

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It’s ready at last!

I’ve spent the last seven weeks hiding out in my office and slowly building my course website while Guatemala’s October rain pours and pours outside. I’ve also been making regular visits to my jobsites up the mountain – two constructions and one food forest – whenever I’m needed or the rain lets up to allow me to go.

But mostly I’ve been on the computer, coding HTML, photoshopping pictures, uploading web albums, and figuring out all this newfangled social networking that I’ve avoided very succesfully for the past seven years since I moved to Guatemala.

Me, Charlie, faceblogging
They call this being sociable nowadays!

I think often of the irony of how much time one has to spend in an office to go back to nature these days, but while I loathe the repetitive strain injury I’m developing in my mouse hand, and try in vain to slow my slide towards excessive caffeine dependency, I’m still fascinated by all this technology and the connectedness that it’s achieving between us humans.

I’ve doubled my number of facebook friends (it’s eery how the friend finder can dig into my past much better than I can!), started my first blog (yep, this is it!), published my sixth website, and reconnected with the outside world again. What strikes me the most is how the Internet is finally beginning to be used as an effective political tool by resistance and lobbying movements – witness the Arab uprisings, the Occupy Wall Street campaigners and the success of Avaaz. I just hope that the satellites don’t fall from their orbits just yet and that this unprecedented freedom of communication continues long enough for us to figure out how to manage and sustain ourselves and this extraordinary planet we live on.

So, while I still can, I shall launch my course website and cross my fingers that these modern tools can help me connect with enough people who want to rediscover the ancient human arts of building with natural materials and gardening the forests – so please help me by sharing this blog and the website with people you think will be interested – a big thank you 🙂

Click here to go to the course homepageA final, shameless plug of my website – just click’n’go!

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  1. Nice site Charlie! Great to see what you’re getting up to out there.

    We’re living in Sydney now, enjoying a more outdoors lifestyle (although nothing compared to you guys!).

    Best of luck with everything

    • Hey Joel, great to hear from you, well done getting to Sydney! What are you working at? I hope it’s going well and you’re not missing Blighty too much – I still have my yearnings, mostly for friends and family. Well, I see you on facebook now and then so at least there’s that to keep us all connected.

      Good luck with your new life downunder, please give my regards to Sakura and hope we see you both in Guatemala one day!
      Cheers, Charlie

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