I’m back!

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Hello and thanks for coming to my new blog.

As you can probably tell there’s not much to see here yet. I’m still building it as of two days ago, when blogspot removed my first blog without any warning and precious little explanation!

Your blog has been permanently deleted!

I suspect it was because I’d originally hosted this course website at a free hosting service that, unknown to me, had developed a reputation for being “spammy”. Both facebook and Gmail had also rejected the link for the same reason.

So, lesson learnt, I bought my very own domain name: www.returntotheforest.orgĀ  Hurrah!

This means I can safely host my blog here, and no-one can take it down without my say so! It also means that my website is a lot safer, unique and totally free of any spammyness.

Having lost well over a week’s worth of work, I’m almost back at the same point I was before, only now I’ve learnt a few lessons about the Internet and also the basics of the “pro” blogging platform, WordPress. Truth be told, I prefered working with blogger/blogspot – it’s a lot easier to play with – but it’s unsettling knowing that blogspot (which is owned by Google) can just swish it all away in the blink of an eye.

So if you write a blog that you don’t host yourself, then make sure you backup your blog so you have your own copy of all your hard work – and be careful not to link to a spammy domain name like I did.

Very soon I’ll archive this blog somewhere else and start writing about its intended subjects: forest gardening and natural building. So please come back soon and there’ll be some interesting on-topic posts to read. Meanwhile, click here to see some of the many plants we’re growing up at the forest garden site.

Thanks for dropping in!


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