Completed Projects:


Return to the Forest is proud to share our completed natural building projects on Lake Atitlán. Our emphasis on serving our community and customers through affordable, natural construction projects on public and private buildings raises awareness of the accessibility and beauty of natural materials.

The Yoga Forest, San Marcos La Laguna

The Yoga Forest was founded as a sustainable living experiment combining the principles of Yoga and Permaculture, based on a desire for living simply, greenly and in communion with everything surrounding us. Visit


Tai Chi Tao Temple, San Marcos La Laguna

In an effort to share the TaiChi Tao (太極道) teachings and provide a refuge for dedicated and sincere practitioners, the SevenStars TaiChi Tao Temple & Taoist community is an international community of practitioners and teachers offering intensive workshops and ongoing training in TaiChi, ChiGong, TaoGong, ZuòChán (Sitting Meditation) and Nèi Dān (Inner Alchemy). Visit


Health Clinic Chuitinamit, San Pablo La Laguna

ODIM (Organization for the Development of Indigenous Mayans) provides health services and education programs for the San Pablo and San Juan communities around Lake Atitlan.  Visit:

Gallery of Previous RTF Projects: